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Why dynatrace pSGW need public IP adress? How to FORCE to work pSGW without public address

In AppMon it was great. I can instrument mobile application with only installing agent on customers web server. So, in some cases, i can instrumenting mobile application without installing web server agent on customers side, (use my own test environment)

But in Dynatrace i can`t do THIS!

Now, as i can see, i have OneMillion problems with getting public IP address in Test & Prod Environment.

It is impossible.

I try set network forwarding rule

some_global_ip_address:9999 -> local.ip.address:9999.

In CMC in configuration of SG i need type PUBLICY AVAILABLE IP ADDRESS.

And i cant type it with port.

Why it is so difficult?

How to FORCE to work pSGW without public address




Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Public Managed Security Gateway needs to have public IP in order to
fulfill its main function - beacon forwarding. However, we detect the
IP address just by checking the `ifconfig` and class of IP.

There are some improvements planned, but maybe in later 2019 year. We do not find that as urgent and critical.

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Hi @Radoslaw S.,

We have Dynatarce Managed and entire setup and users are in same Environment so why do we need Public IP Address ?

Client is not ready to Expose their Server publicly.

Thanks & Regards,


You're asking the same question in several questions, I've answered you here.



Regards, Sebastian

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