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Why is the version of Chrome of Synthetic not latest?



The latest version of Google Chrome is 67 and the current version of Chrome of Synthetic 60.
Could you tell us the reason for you do not update to the latest version?
Our customer wants to know that.

Thanks, Noah


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Noah,

we do regularly update the Chrome
version of our synthetic locations. Currently we are running version 65 (not
60, that's a mistake in the documentation, thanks for bringing it up!) We believe running the latest version is important. However, we don't
necessarily update to every version, this depends a little bit on the changes
included and we also thoroughly test new Chrome version, to make sure no
synthetic scripts break. (This is why we are not on 67 yet)

Kind regards, Philipp

Hello Philipp,

Could you please let us know what's the latest version on BB nodes for Chrome and Firefox?

Hi @Abhijith M.,

the current Chrome version in Dynatrace is Chrome 68. You can find the information here:

Kind regards, Philipp