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Yet Another Access Timeout Question


This one is different, I swear!

First off, I understand there's currently a known issue being worked on timeouts.  I understand we can configure a duration for regular users and for administrators.  But we have a "special" class of users.

These are the Operations personell who keep a constant eye on all monitoring tools, including Dynatrace.  They also man a 24x7 TechHub line where teams we support can call in with issues   There are only two on each 12 hour shift, so it's a small number of users overall.

What we need is a way to designate this one group to be able to stay logged in for 13 hours. Regular users and administrators both time out after 90 minutes.

Nothing worse than being a one armed paper hanger and your favorite monitoring tool kicks you out! 




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

we used chrome plugins to cycle through a set of dashboards and to autologin 


I'm afraid we don't have that luxury.  The security and audit teams would eat us for lunch.  😉

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey if you are actively monitoring and preforming actions on Tenant, than user should not be logged out right? That is a standard behavior which based on user activeness on client app auto refresh the session token and keeps it alive, and to best of my knowledge, Dynatarce does the same.


Actively monitoring and performing actions are separate things in this case  For "normal" people like you and I, your statement is 100% correct.  

We know one thing that works:  When operator sees something that needs an action performed, they either right-click and open item in a new tab, or they clone the tab and open the item.

They just have to remember to do it. 🙂

One thing I'll take back to them though:  If you're not going back to the page that refreshes after performing a task, how are you monitoring it?

& Thanks for you input @techean. Every discussion helps!

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