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aggregated IIS events AspNetCoreModuleV2


Aggregated IIS events AspNetCoreModuleV2 very high Self Time

One of the top findings in the Response Time Hotspots is the IIS Modules aggregated IIS events AspNetCoreModuleV2

On investigating some of the slow purepaths, I could find in the code "aggregated IIS events AspNetCoreModuleV2" with very high Self-Time sometimes up to 10 - 25 seconds which is almost 89 - 98% of the response time of the purepath.

I tried researching about the AspNetCoreModuleV2 but could not reach a conclusion of whether this is something to do with the IIS configuration or if this is something in the code that makes this IIS module consume a lot of time or is there something hanging?

Any pointers to what the problem might be?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

In general, because this module is responsible for communication with .NET core, problem can be on .NET core side. If your main application is not able to receive request from IIS and parse it, this request may be queued on IIS. In such case you may observe such situation. Do you see any resources / performance issues on .NET Core itself?


Regards, Sebastian

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