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can we change the dynatrace ac details...?


have a dynatrace ac which is agentless monitoring my application working fine(created dashboards,charts to create alerts) can we have any option to change dynatrace ac details like email,name....etc ?..My friend want to access my account....?

Thanks in adv


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi @Jai T.

You can update your user profile by clicking on the user menu icon in the top right corner and then on your user name.

If you want to invite somebody to your account, go to your account and click on the "User management" tab in the menu on the left and then on the button "Invite user". Add an email address and specify permissions. For more details about groups and permissions check out the help topic.

Can I change my account login email id ??

That's unfortunately not possible. As a workaround, you can invite yourself with a different email address, grant all permissions to that email, and after successfully accepting the invitation you can delete the old email address.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


you can both use the same Dynatrace account once you invited him. You share the Dynatrace account and environment with your friend. Each user has a different user account though.

I invited friend after he accepted request ...retired my self from the ac...but he did not get my dashboard and charts...he only can watching my applications...i shared dashboard(before retiring) in dashboard it is showing owned by XXXXXXX(my email) you can see in attachment and do not have chance to edit dashboard...

Thanks in adv


Hi @Jai T.,

Shared dashboard has to be cloned to be customisable. Only the creator/owner can modify the layout and configuration. Once your friend clone this Dashboard via 3dot context menu ("...") the copy of dashboard is created where he will be the owner.

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