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how to do Configure One agent to Security gateway and Security gateway to DT manage server (SaaS)

Hi Team,


Dynatrace SaaS- Currently we have installed one agent on server, that successfully reporting to Dynatrace manage Server(SaaS).
Same time we are trying to build security gateway server in our environment and we want to know how to do the configuration from one agent to security gateway and security gateway to Dynatrace manage server (SaaS)?
Could you please help us to do above steps? we have any documentations for the same?


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

There is really nothing to configure in most cases. When you install a Security gateway it automatically connects to the Dynatrace Managed cluster. The cluster then registers the Security Gateway and publishes the host name of the Security Gateway as an additional endpoint to each OneAgent.

Each OneAgent then send its monitoring data to the Security Gateway instead of to the Dynatrace Managed cluster. Generally OneAgent prefers Security Gateways over cluster nodes, only if the Security Gateway is unavailable, the traffic would be sent to the cluster directly.

One security gateway will speak to another security gateway server?

example, we have a four security gateway servers and 1000+ Agent, all
the agent equally split to three security gateway servers, and these
three security servers will speak to 4th Security gateway servers? and
4th Security Gateway server alone will speak to Dynatrace Saas?.

Can we do like this?

or security gateway will speak only to Dynatrace Saas?

Singarajagadeesh, I think your question is similar to this one:

The feedback is that the recommendation is to use a proxy to forward agent data to a security gateway which then has a direct connection to the Dynatrace server. Hope this helps.

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