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oneagent connect logs


Do you know of any logs where we could track
when the OneAgent connected to the DT server?

Let’s say you have the entire list of
connected hosts and would like to see for each and every one when they made the
connection to the environment.

I figure that we could have this type of a log
on activegate level or on server level, but we cannot know through which
component the OneAgent connected.


Sorin Z

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

you could do this via a few options. 1, access each server and follow the install path to the log file directory. 2. You could configure the Log file detection manually and point to the oneagent log file repository and have them report back into the dynatrace UI. 3. You can deploy the oneagent on the activegate and the the same as described in option 2 but at the activegate level.


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