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purepaths not showing my methods/code for .net


All my my .net purepaths are not showing any of my classes/methods of my application but rather just generic tags like web request, synchronous invocation, asynchronous invocation, sync work SendAsync, etc.


How can I see the call structure/stack of my application?  




what i'd like to see is a full stack / hierarchy of calls like we had in appmon.  

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Those points in the code-level are instrumentation points - places where instrumentation of the code (or errors) happened. Typically instrumentation provided by built-in sensors.

For full stack hierarchy - I believe you want to see the method hotspots view. Either for the selected PurePath or for set of requests. 

See the following topic - or just open method hotspots for your currently analyzed context.

If this is not what you are looking for, can you describe your use case?

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When my web requests are slow I'm trying to determine the cause.  What I find when I drill in is generic information that doesn't seem helpful in diagnosing the issue.  dt17.PNG

Hello, I have the same issue, finally is it working now for you ?


In code level, I don't see any call to my method, just the System one..

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