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remove security marketing on the process page


Hi DT Team,


It looks like after release 1.25x on the process page view, that Dynatrace is now actively pushing marketing for the Security part of your product on the Process Page view where it matches supported technology.  Can this please be removed.    


This has been flagged as unwanted and inaccurate by several of our internal users. 




1. We don't have Application Security enabled, so we don't want to see this tab, it is just marketing something that we don't want / need.  Leave it to the Application Security page.

2. It says 'no vulnerabilities', this is misleading and most likely false since Application Security scanning is not enabled.  We have validated against other inline scanning tools that we have already doing this job.

Assuming it's just a 'place holder' this makes Dynatrace look bad since it's inaccurate.

3. Most importantly It's pushing other important windows down the screen that are displaying actual wanted information. 


Please leave marketing to your 'blogs', 'feature product news' or sales team and not have it intrude on your functional product pages. This is not some freemium app on Google Play or Apple Store. 




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I have to side with you on that one for sure. However at my previous org we never saw these ads, at my new org this is quite prevalent.... could be based on the billing model as well 


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