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what does Dynatrace SaaS offer in terms of JMX metrics?

Dear Team,

could you give more inlights on what does Dynatrace SaaS offer in terms of JMX metrics monitoring? Based on article from Dynatrace I found out that we can develop custom json plugins. Where can we gather the different JMX metrics from? Is that possible thru DT UI or they are app-specific?

Thanks in advance,



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello Konstantin,

You can create your plugin with a JSON file, where you have to say each JMX metric that you want to show in Dynatrace (also how this will be seen in charts...). You can see examples and how to do it in this page .

The JMX Editor that Jakub is talking about is going to help you with a wizard to select the metric that you want to select, from those that are exposed in the selected JMV. So it will simplify a lot the creation of plugins, more when you don't really know the JMX metrics exposed .


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