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AppMon integration to managed REST API


Is it, or will it be possible to get the AppMon exported metrics from a dynatrace managed cluster?


I export 5 business transactions to Dyantrace Managed, and then use the Timeseries API to get these metrics?

I asked this question in a support case 6 months ago, but then it wasnt possible, has this, or will this change?


In general support will never confirm you such possibility, but you can use custom metrics. You will need some script witch will take data from DT, convert them to json understandable by Dynatrace managed and send there. Then you will be able to chart those metrics and fetch them via timeseries api. Easier will be to use elasticsearch to fetch and serv data from bt. Custom metrics are not totally free, you always have some portion of them with license but in general they exist in price list 🙂