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How can I obtain tags on all web apps via API?


According to the documentation, the Topology & Smartscape API allows us to fetch a "list of all applications in your Dynatrace environment, along with their parameters." What I have found, however, is that the API call only returns applications that have had traffic detected - not a complete list of configured applications. The Configuration API can be utizied to obtain a complete list of applications, but the API doesn't appear to offer any way to obtain details related to the tags that are applied to the web applications (which is what I'm trying to extract). I'm not sure if there is any way, via the APIs to obtain information on ALL applications and their tags. From what I can see in the documentation it doesn't look like there is, but if I am overlooking something please let me know.



All the tags under the field "Key" in output of api call(Json file) you will have find a way to capture all of them.

I realize that calls to https://<.....>/api/v1/entity/applications

provide the tags... but this API does not return ALL configured web applications, and that is the problem. I.e., I need to extract tags from ALL apps and this API will not return any app that does not have recent traffic.

let me check that i know it pulls all tags but will have to find a way to extract them all.