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[RFE] OneAgent API




I have some suggestions to the OneAgent API. There are some settings which can be set on the agent during installation time or later by oneagentctl, but which can not be set by API lateron.


Management Zones

We use management zones, probably as intended, for setting our network zones, so setting the actual hosts to only connect using specific ActiveGates.


We implemented Dynatrace without Network Zones (they were not available back then). The result is that a lot of hosts try to connect to all gateways and the nodes instead of those specific to them.


It's true, it's easy to set lateron on the hosts, but if you're not the host admin but responsible for monitoring, you end up with admins saying "i don't care it works" and with network admins saying "stop those blocked requests". House made problem, I agree but:

It's an application decision how to route traffic, and I'd suggest to add an API to be able to set network zones to hosts.


Host Groups

Hostgroups are another feature which can be set locally. In a dynamic environment those groups change. We experience the issue that we need to set hostgroups to properly deal with process monitoring, pushing dynamically deployed hosts into certain groups to isolate the process groups, so that no problems get sent out in the alterting to the wrong management zones.

Yes, that's right, if a process of another management zone matches the process group of a management zone not even having access to the host in their defined zone, the alert still pushes through. Support cases said "works as inteded, use host groups", so I need to suggest being able to more dynamically set this.


The case is as follows:

We have different organizational units working with the same tools. The processes get grouped together, and there is no logical way to seperate them but with host groups.


During deployment time, we've a hard time to get Admins to actually set host groups properly, because they don't know which processes will match which definitions. They often don't know what will be deployed on the machines to be true.


I want an API to set the hostgroup of a certain host remotely after it was installed, to have more handle over the host grouping, management zones and problem alerting.


Best regards,




Okay, wrong forum will need me to get used to the new structure, posted in [RFE] OneAgent API - Dynatrace Community