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Request naming API documentation - how to name service requests with child attributes

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Unfortunately the API endpoint for service request naming is missing the correct documentation and some examples.

I can configure service request naming rules via the UI that use request attributes/placeholders from downstream services. It seems that this is also possible via the API for global request naming rules however the documentation lacks. I've tried to reverse-engineer by trial and error the proper payload to create such a naming rule via API but I'm stuck with an error message that doesn't make much sense.

This is the rule in the UI that I want to create a JSON payload for:

I believe the correct JSON representation would be this (the API documentation e.g. completely lacks the useFromChildCalls option for the conditions section:

When posting this to the endpoint /api/config/v1/service/requestNaming however it complains that the "condition needs to marked as service property" anyone from Dynatrace can explain this error message and point to a reference how one would create this rule?


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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

@Reinhard W. were you able to make any progress with this? If not hopefully some Dynatrace Staff members will see this and shed some light on your question.


@Chad T.not much progress yet. I'm in contact with my former colleagues but the only hint I got via support is to add a restriction by managementZone to the payload. I did this and the POST was validated and accepted. (though this isn't what I want/can do - I do not have any managementzones here).

However, once this requestnaming rule was then posted the UI to view these rules in the settings was broken and couldn't be accessed anymore:

So, for don't try this at home 🙂

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