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Where can we find / chart time series of custom device?

Hi guys

We have crated a custom device from Dynatrace Environment API with the coffee machine example.

We added groupId and set the current time at the datapoints part.

The execute return 200

And the device was create OK

Our question is where can we see or chart the time series?




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

It seems that your data points is not going through. Did you register the metric with the same type 'coffee.machine'?

There are several possible reasons for not getting a chart:

- Type is not sent correctly (has to be the same as registered timeseries)

- Timestamp is too old (not older than an hour) or is in the future

- Some issue with your registered dimension. Can you also post the timeseries registration call?

Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks for your response

here is the registration of the time series

and its response

Our mistake here was that we used the current time from online Epoch Unix Time Stamp Converter and we did not multiply the result by 1000. After doing that its working just fine!