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actualMonitoringState is OFF - should I be worried

Frequent Guest

Hi there,


I've been looking at the Topology & Smartscape - Process API to pull out any processes requiring a restart in order for monitoring to either be restarted or simply to let OneAgent version update take place.


In doing so I've noticed that there are many processes where the actualMonitoringState is OFF, the expectedMonitoringState is ON but restartRequired is false. What are these processes and do I need to worry about them?


My best guess at the minute is that they are old processes that are just no longer running but are still kicking around in Dynatrace or they are processes that have been replaced by newer instances.


Can I just ignore them and focus on the processes requiring a restart?


Any advice would be much appreciated.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

it could be that they are entities with deep monitoring turned off. I would double check that within the UI per your API output. 


Frequent Guest

Hi @ChadTurner thanks for the reply. I've had a look and I think that Deep Monitoring is enabled. I attempted to upload some pictures but just kept getting errors.
However, I went to the process group settings for an IIS instance that was showing as follows in the API response:


"monitoringState": {
  "actualMonitoringState": "OFF",
  "expectedMonitoringState": "ON",
  "restartRequired": false


All instances were showing as Monitoring = On.

Clicking through to an instance that was being monitored you can see some metrics for it, while clicking through to the one that was reporting as not being monitored sure enough had no metrics captured but also doesn't show as needing a restart.


Therefore still slightly puzzled.