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sevice level objectives rest api not accepting entity Selector


Hi All,

We're trying to run a rest api to get some of the SLO's defined in the system and thought we'll be using (As documebted) the entitySelector in the request. We are using the /slo get rest interface.


Here's what we tried:

1. Just using entityName("slo name") - didn't work and recieved all SLO's. Then we read that we must have at least entityType so we

2. wanted to add entityType but could not find the entityType of SLO's using the get all entityTypes. so we had to find a way to get the entityId's but still generate one call, i.e. use the same get but with the entityId criteria but we still received all SLO's defined and not just the filtered one.

Has anyone faced this or can shed a light on where the problem might be?






I just ran the get without issue. The UI does not have the SLO ID number, so you have to run the get all SLO's first:

Once you get the ID of the SLO you want to pull specific data for, I used the Get {ID} command with the Targeted ID:

If you are running into an error, make sure your token has the rights to read and write SLO's as it is a new feature and older tokens will not have these variables turned on.



Hi @Chad T.,

I may have been misunderstood. The get for all SLO's is running fine, however, if you look at its documentation it mentions you can use an slo Selector.

and this is what is not working to my understanding. There is no entityType called SLO or something similar and even using the entityId("sloid") does not filter the result to the specific one.

I know I can use the specific sloretrieval, but from performance reasons, If I can achieve the same thing with a single request to get several SLO's, that would be faster and better.

Ahh i see, yeah its not working for me either. I'd recommend tossing in a support ticket so this issue can be resolved. 🙂