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syntax host.nic.bytesreceived and host.disk.usedspace?


im trying to create a report for these datas for all hosts but i dont really understand what parameters i should pass to the api, can anyone give me an example?

also if you know the way to make it work in the CLI that will be great 🙂




Have you tried using the API browser? Its pretty simple to build a request with it, you only need to look up the ID for the relevant metric in the documentation first. E.g. for usedspace it is: com.dynatrace.builtin:host.disk.usedspace

Then you enter the information in the API explorer:

And it will give you the Request URL and a curl command for it:

You only need to add an authentication parameter or header.

Hi Patrick

Yap you are right its working - our question is rather when we are trying this metric within dynatrace-cli (


I'm having issues getting those specific metrics via the CLI too, with

python3 ts query com.dynatrace.builtin:host.disk.usedspace[AVG%hour]

I get an error message. Other metrics work fine though. Maybe open an issue at the cli gitlab repository for that.

welcome to the club 🙂

Hi @Andreas G.

Can you please help us to figure out why dynatrace-cli is not showing data when asking for host.nic.bytesreceived or host.disk.usedspace for example?

Thanks in advance