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Angular calling OSB throughLayer7

Hi guys,

Customer is using an HTML website (with Angular 4) that is calling a monitored OSB going through Layer 7 appliance. Since the Layer 7 device does not have an agent deployed, the transaction is 'broken' so that client / server side are not correlated.

Is there a way we can map the OSB PP to the client side webrequest?
Should we install an agent on the Layer 7 device? (is this even possible?)

Notice no PP attached to webrequest:

Appreciate any info on this matter,

Yos @Daniel Brokman



It seems your appliance is filtering out HTTP header X-dynaTrace. If you pass the header at the appliance, then your requests should be matched to the PurePaths on the OSB.

Hi Julius,

And this is the only header we need to ask to push thru? no need to also send dt cookies?


Hi Julius,

When we are checking the web request sent from the browser we cant see x-dynaTrace sent with the webrequest

This webrequest is generate by angular framework

Any suggestions?


Sorry, my mistake. The HTTP headers (X-dynaTrace-*) are only in service to service calls using HTTP (server side only), in mobile apps or in apps with OpenKIT instrumentation (thick applications, manually instrumented).

For web apps I believe this is matched strictly by the cookies (dt* cookies).
Is your L7 gateway filtering cookies?

Hi Julius,

First of thanks for your answers here.

When we check with devtools we can see that the ruxitagent is inject with no cookies tab and the first 2 web requesrt are with no request cookies

While the 3rd request is getting dtCookie from the server as a response.

Any explanation on that behavior?