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Can multiple uri's be grouped as a single user action and marked as 'Key User Action' ? If Yes, how ?


For example, the login process goes via multiple url changes, How to I group them all as a single login action ?



Hi Shikha,

Are these multiple URLs similar in some way? We may be able to utilize the URL cleanup rule feature to achieve this. Please give examples of the URLs so we can see if this can be done using this.




Hi Ugochukwu,

In one of the scenario, I have identified that all the url's pertaining to a single action start with /500*

for example: /5001H00000mt88O , /5001H00000pSzyk, /5001H00000mt88O

So if there is an option to filter out these url's using /500<wildcard> , that would be great.

Although In second scenario, which is specific to login, there is no such common pattern

Example of some of the urls captured during login:

/saml/authn-request.jsp, /secur/frontdoor.jsp, /home/home.jsp

Would you have any suggestions on how these 3 urls can be grouped as a single user action ?

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You'll have to distinguish between two different things.

Cleanup rules (as @Ugochukwu N. mentions) which are used for cleaning up URLs containing dynamic parts such as session id. This comes handy for some apps where each URL is unique for a session and then you normally would not be able to capture action metrics across different sessions.

On the other parts - grouping different action into one is - AFAIK - not directly possible. You can ignore some actions (it's part of the application configuration) or you can play with the JS RUM API to modify your action generation. You can't, however, group different load actions or XHR actions into one. You can rename them to have the same name, but they will probably be represented as three actions with the same name in a session.

RUM is trying to capture the user action (not page redirects). Anyway, if you can post how exactly your user actions look like and how do you want them to be captured, it would certainly help to give you more precise help.

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