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Cannot monitor node application, error: "this application has received no user actions"



I'm new to oneagent/dynatrace. I have hosted a nodejs application on AWS (port 3000). The application uses 2 web services (port 8080 and 8082). I am able to access the application from outside. After I installed Oneagent on the linux host with full stack mode, the application shows the above error and I can't see any activity. However from Transactions and Services menu, I can see the 2 web services used by the front end app. From smartscape, I can see the application is showing as Inactive and not connected to any process/services/hosts. Please can someone guide me what's wrong with my setup? Attached some screenshots for ref.






Because of issue on community script I don't see your screens. First question, does your nodejs application serve HTML pages? If it's only API application will not work at all.


Thanks @Sebastian K. for replying. Here are the links to the screenshots. yes the application has html pages.