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Create Applications properties


Hi all!

Is there any way to create something like

With the js agent and custom code in the page? Not actions but tags and atttibutes?


It's in early access program which is closed because of some problems on dynatrace side. This feature should be available in near future.



Actually, the session properties are collected with the RUM JS. There are several methods to collect those properties. You can use dtrum API call, javascript variable, CSS selector, etc.

Session properties are assigned to the session (not user action) and they might be overwritten (not added) if multiple values are collected during the session - just as it is with user tags.

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Hi @Julius L. Actually with user tags it update the new event and keep that as "last one" but in the session you can see the user tag events changes and the ones before.

Session Properties, you mean the "sendsessionproperties" api call drom the custom user actions? It looks like it's what im searching/needing.

Is there any other example of it use? i didn't see this one in the sample doc.