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Custom alert on occurrence of a user action property value


Hi Team,

We have set one custom property on web application "ABC" in Dynatrace that holds the error description. This property is stored as user action/session property, it is of type string and can hold multiple error values depending upon the failure.

Now we want to create an alert on the occurrence of this property. For example, ERROR is the property name that has value ER01, ER12, ER03.

  1. Now condition is if ER01 captured 5 times in 5/10/15 minute for any of user actions then create a alert.
  2. Or If ER01 occur 5 times in 5/10/15 min for user action "X" then create alert.

Is this something possible? Or Any other way to achieve this.





So a string detection is nice, but you wont be able to alert on it, Id recommend making a custom metric. Making a custom metric can be a little bit more complex.

Or you can create a Custom Error, this is easier and you can have Davis review the data as well for alerting.


Hi Chad,

Thanks for your response.

I thought to create custom metrics initially but I don' see Error Count or ERROR metric appearing in the dropdown my application setting pages. I am running on managed version 1.202. Could you please confirm if this is in GA?

Post custom error is our initial plan but due to some technical challenge, this could not progressed. So we take properties route.

@Chad T. Did you get a chance to check on my last response?

in order to use the Error Count, you need to create a custom metric on the application settings ( see the first image - Application>Settings>Metrics) then once created, you will see the option for error count under the custom event for alerting (Settings>Anomaly Detection>Custom Events for Alerting).

If you are looking to just create the custom error. go to the Application>Settings>Errors and create a custom error.



when I first read your demand I also immediately thought why not use custom errors?

So can you please elaborate on the challenges you have / face with custom errors / why you can't use them?

regards Thomas