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Drill down from user session action to purepath


I'm trying to drill down from user session actions to individual purepaths. However purepaths drilldown are available only for certain requests and I can't figure why.

See following example of user session and it's actions: (it's actually wordpress demo site):

For first action purepath is available in waterfall analysis (hover on document request or XHR request):

For other actions you can't see purepath button for document requests (wp-login.php), also the page title for waterfall analysis is somehow not complete ("Waterfall analysis for") - compare with previous screenshot:

Purepaths drill down are also available for some resource requests (header.jpg in first action) but for other clearly dynamic requests such as loads-scripts.php it's not always available.

Are there any rules which determine when is a service request recorded as a purepath and when drill down from user sessions is available?

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Dynatrace Pro

Hi Julius,

The correlation between browser metrics captured by our JavaScript code or via the W3C API's and the server side requests is done by cookies, referrer and urls. Sometimes we don't get the needed information because of some infrastructure layers or browser limitations (or bugs).
We are currently working on improvements to give the user more information why a drilldown to the server side is not possible.
It is hard to verify the reason by just looking at the screenshots. Can you create a support ticket? Our support team and the R&D team can then investigate.