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Dynatrace Isn't Tagging Users with User Tag Rule

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi team,

I am trying to tag users in Dynatrace Managed for one of the applications we are monitoring, and I am having trouble actually getting the tags to work. If any of you have experience with tagging users, I would appreciate any insight.

I have inserted screenshots for the HTML I am trying to pull the username from, and the rule I have created.

HTML: (Trying to capture the Welcome, Adam S part)

User Tag Rule: (I am trying to use the CSS selector to find the class named .breadcrumbdarkblue)


Adam Sjoerdsma



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Not much css experience but have you tried doing the inspect element -> copy selector thing you can do in the developer tools that should give you something almost certain to work though note it will be super exact so it still might be best to make it more generic so a small code change doesn't break your tag rule.


Hi James,

Thanks for responding to my question. I have been pretty unsuccessful at pulling the username through the css selector. Would you grab this username from the HTML any other way?


CSS selectors are what we use to pull from the page so there is no other option I'm aware of. Meta tags can also be used but you'd have to update the page so not what you're looking for most likely.

If you post some snippets of the page and what you're trying maybe someone can see something obvious, regardless I think getting the selectors working is your best bet.