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Dynatrace Managed - Impact on business lists impacted users but does not show them



In the view of the problems, Dynatrace Managed is indicating to me 10 impacted users, however, it does not show the application and especially when I click on these users it opens the User Sessions screen with no users listed.

Is there any trick to be Managed? Or maybe it's a bug?

Thanks for the help.




Seems to be because the session is still 'live', only after it ends, then it would showed up.

But I heard in the recent version this has been improved, what version you are on?


Thank you for responding.

The version of Dynatrace Managed is 1,164,125,2019,0318-211420. OneAgents is up to date with the latest version available for Managed.

Regarding the fact that it is live sessions, the example I attached could lead to this conclusion. But when I looked at an older problem (March 19 and ended the same day), user sessions are not shown either (I attached a new image). Sessions are within the retention period of 35 days.

This association between the problem and the impacted users is based on what? What defines this association?

One workaround I tried was to filter user sessions, but there is no "Impact-by-problem" parameter.

Any idea?

Thank you,