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Exclude web request from being monitored based on HTTL header?


I am looking for a way to exclude the monitoring of requests that come from an external monitoring tool that is generating synthetic requests. There is a User-Agent request header property that could be used to identify these requests, but I see no way of configuring a rule in Dynatrace to exclude requests based on a header property. I know there is a Deep Monitoring setting to exclude requests based on URLs, but that does not help. I see that there is also a way to turn on the exclusion of capture of RUM data for bot-initiated requests in a web application. The documentation does not state, however, whether this would ALSO prevent the capture of the related request on the server... since the documentation mentions only RUM data I assume that the server-side requests related to the bots would still be picked up. Can somebody clarify if this is the case - i.e., that this setting applies only to the RUM data (user actions), and whether there is some other way to exclude requests based on a HTTP header value?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I would recommend opening a support ticket as they will be best to assist you with your scenario in a timely fashion.