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How to inject dynatrace java script agent to ServiceNow

Hi guys,

Does anyone succeed to set SNOW (client side) monitoring?

Auto injection is not working as its look like the SNOW uses predefined HTML and we understood that there is a a place within the Admin UI of the SNOW that we can add JS to be inject to the pages.

Did someone know how to do that?

Thanks in advnce




If you want monitor only frontend of SN you should setup agentless rum monitoring. Then you will get proper kode of RUM agent that can be injected into SN header (I don't actually know what kind of access to html files you have).

Here you have more info. But you have to now that after changing configuration of application in dynatrace that is affecting rum agent, you will have to change embedded file as well (for example if you will add support for some JS technologies in frontend).


Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your detailed answer.

Our question is on SNOW side, where to implement the JS that we got from dynatrace


I think here you should find what you need:

Thanks for sharing !