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How to monitor external js app on page


Hello Gents!

I need advice. I am not web developer and
probably my explanation of below situation will be kind of misleading but I understand
it in following way.

Customer has continuous
problems with external app/widget on his page.

Main page of
customer site has widget that provided by external service provider. It is
outsourced staff help line. It encapsulated to customer page by JS code
downloaded from this service provider URL:

type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Pressing on this
button starts widget dialogue with support line and downloaded JS script GET/POST data
to this external provider web service. This help line app
sometimes respond slowly or hang and need to be controlled it it is up and working correct.

Are there any way
to monitor such externally included page widget, its behavior and user experience?

We are unable to negotiate
any JS instrumentation or agents with this external provider. They serve a lot of
customers and claim that app OK with all others.

I hope it somehow understandable ...

I will greately appreciate any help or input here!






I have found

How do third-party services affect performance

but we are looking way to monitor this external widget app


Did you enable the XHR capturing for the application? I guess the widget communicates using XHR with the service provider and normally you should see the XHR requests in a user session - if they are triggered by user activity.

TEMPEST a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner


Hello Julius! Today i will check


We configured JS script based RUM - page header JS snippet that loads Dynatrace JS RUM agent script . But this external provider widget only traced in 3rd party resources application info:

What else we can do to monitor JS widget that is loaded to page from external service provider?