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How to query error request from mobile


I want to query the web requests with error coming from mobile. Is there a way to do that?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


As I wrote you in the other thread you can search for erroneous requests using Multidimentional Analysis. (

However, I recommend approaching the instrumentation of the mobile app.


Have a nice day!

thanks again for your quick response. 

We came from a different observability platform and just switched over. On that platform, it has two tables for mobile: MobileWebRequest and MobileWebRequestError.

With these two table, we are able to query all web request with detailed information made by mobile and search for any failed requests with a specific  error code (e.g. 401) within a specific timeframe. This is really useful and flexible allowing us to view everything in rows together.

I noticed that you have got Session Segmentation, but that doesn't include any web request data.

Do you have any features that is similar to what I have described above?


hi @radek_jasinski , any update on the answer?


Yes, you can get this with the Multidimentional I mentioned to you. You can build the appropriate query there.

In addition, you can pull this type of data from Session Segmentation:


Have a nice day!

That doesn't help at all. Im talking about mobile data. We can query service data in grail but not mobile. I don't find a way that allows me to access mobile raw data at all. Even your consultant don't think there is way for mobile atm.

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