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How user tagging is working automatically for EasyTravel Application?


Hello Folks,


I'm playing around with EasyTravel recently. While traversing through user sessions I observed that the Usernames are getting detected automatically.

I was under impression that, user sessions will show username as Anonymous and after configuring User Tagging Rule it will start showing actual usernames. That's how I did long time ago (might be old version of EasyTravel).


When I checked with support they said, EasyTravel has calls the JavaScript API to tag the users automatically.


I'm wondering how this is working.

Can anyone help me to understand as what is actually done to detect those username automatically using JavaScipt API?






You can find information on everything you can do with the Javascript API the agent offers in the Documentation.


It's not so much an automatic detection, as manual instrumentation. The developer can call a function of the javascript agent to set the user tag. This way you don't have to setup a rule in dynatrace, but you have to change your application code.


Is it possible to get more details from EasyTravel application side as in which file the code snippet is added? Basically, I want to disable it so that I can configure a detection rule by myself on the Dynatrace UI.

Haven't really used easytravel much since the AppMon days, so can't really say where the identifyUser is called, sorry.