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Is there a way to filter get application data by Device type?


Today we can filter UEM data by the device type (see sample shot) but we can't do this same from application data (second pic). While we can make assumptions based on the browser type what kind of device they are using it would be nice to be able to sort for all IOS metrics here when attempting to diagnose issue that is non-user specific but platform specific.

Is there a plan to do this?



Hey Alicia,

I will suggest creating an RFE for this as this seems like a valid use case. The Hyperlizer also gives you some information if slowness is specific to an Operating system and will show you the breakdown of action duration per Operating System. If you go into the Application, at the top right where you can Edit the settings of the app, there is a top findings button below edit that takes you to the Hyperlizer.

Hope This Helps


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Pleas take a look at the multidimensional analysis:

You can filter all user actions for a device ...

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