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Javascript injection cause web application fails


Hi, please your help with the following situation.

The injection of javascript for the user experience monitoring cause that the web application crash, because the injection does not allow to the other components load like ajax.


also, dynatrace collect some metrics like this IP-1567176179978.log URL-1567176179978.log




I see here issue with cors on server side. When UEM is enabled you see in browser console issues with cors while agent is trying to poll data to dynatrace? In application settings you can enable cors support for those requests. If you have some issues with path and application is not served on it’s own domain but on some sub path ( it is possible that Dynatrace is trying to send beacons (data collected by agent) to url something like this where xxxx is random string, this should look in this example application/rb_xxxx. This as well can be configured in advanced application settings in section related to beacon path. There you should paste /my application/ from this example.


Hi Sebastian, thanks for the reply, I dont see any issue with the agent sending the data to dynatrace, the cors error does not allow to download the resources on the arcgis online, but if I use this command

chromium-browser --disable-web-security

the problem is gone away, why the ruxiagent injection cause this, if UEM is off I dont have any problems.

I have never faced such issue. I suggest opening support ticket