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Method for tracking User Sessions License consumption


Hello everyone

I have been looking into a method for monitoring User sessions license consumption on the Cluser Head in our environment. Currently we manually login to the Licensing page on the Cluster Manager but it would be much nicer if I could export that information externally to track and monitor our consumption.

Does anyone know of a Rest-API call or method that can be used to extract this information to save myself the daily task of logging into Dynatrace to check this?

Or does anyone have any suggestions on methods to track, monitor and control user sessions license hits.



when it comes to licenses our requirement is similar but If I were to expand on that it would look something like the following:

1. There should be functionality within the tool that allows us to easily see the consumption of DEM units by application or by zone or user group. knowing how each application is consuming what portion of the total DEM units within the environment is key for us. further it would be nice if that were broken down by the various items that impact the DEM counts such as : RUM (being .25 of a DEM), Session Replay (1.0), Http monitor (0.1), and Browser or Clickpath (1.0). seeing this breakdown per app would provide a great view into how the units are being consumed. To take this a step further if an app team were to login (user group with for their app) then they should be able to see on a dashboard how they are consuming this data. the admin team for the tool would see all the apps and related consumption

2. regarding the oneAgent or infra it should be similar but here with the memory requirement what we really need is the ability to audit before and after changes. for example : application A has 16 GB memory - consuming 1 license count, if that application deploys a memory upgrade to 64 GB memory then the next day the license count automatically went to 4 units being consumed by that application. In an enterprise setup this has a large ripple effect when 100's of applications are using the monitoring product and negatively impacts our licensing counts in ways that make it hard for the monitoring team to react too and identifying these before and after changes are all manual and very complex and time consuming. There needs to be a way to see the before and after from within the tool.

Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor


we are aware of this requirement, especially about reports on how many quota is consumed by which application or synthetic test. I do not have an ETA for the API yet.

CC @Alexander S.

Hi Gerald,

Is there an RFE for this feature or is this something that is being developed but no ETA on when it may be available?

Hi Dustin,

No RFE but we have it on our roadmap.