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Netty should support beacon endpoint listener and ruxitagent.js injection?


Hello Community,


We have a Java Spring Boot with Embedded Reactive Netty service and we have enabled Real User Monitoring. Currently the injection is happening behind the Reactive Netty Service in NGINX application but this is forcing us to serve up the Javascript Library File from NGINX as well as setting the path for the beacons to forward to NGINX. This is challenge to us since we do not allow unauthenticated traffic through the Reactive Netty service. Thus it would be helpful to have Netty listen for beacon and serve up the ruxitagent.js file.


Reactive Netty does not support the beacon endpoint listeners or serving the ruxitagent.js file the same way Tomcat/Servlet technologies does. Can this support be added?


Optionally, It would also be helpful to do the javascript injection in Reactor Netty similar to Tomcat/Servlet technologies. However this would have lesser value to us since we compress the HTML traffic when it leaves NGINX.


We did not have to specify Javascript Library File path for injection to work on our Tomcat/Servlet (Java) based applications and the injection works automatically.


Can we expect support for Netty auto injection of ruxitagent file and beacon listeners similar to Tomcat/Servlet (Java) based technology?







DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I recommend putting in an RFE if you need additional technologies supported so the PM's are aware of the needs. 


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