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OneAgent not capturing the User sessions?


hi All,

We have one Host Server with one Agent installed and we have nearly 6 .net web applications on the same host for different Test environments. In the Dynatrace UI we can see all the 6 web applications on the host captured by the OneAgent but in the user sessions we can see only for one environment.

Any idea why its not detecting the user sessions of all the web applications on that host.






The question is if there is traffic generated via browser on all applications? Are there application detection rules configured properly to split traffic between applications for all envirpnment? If one of them has too wide rule it may catch traffic for all of them. You can check it by going too applicationsm. If on the list you don't see duration of page loads and xhrs for all of them, go to the one that has results and check domain list. Are you using default application for monitoring as well? It is good practice to create own application and leaving default one for detecting new ebspoints. Than you always know when you need some new rule.