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Problems / Bugs with USQL


We're trying to build a proper funnel of certain user actions, but we've come with some unusual results. The time frame we use is the same for both occasions, and there are not tags, management zones, etc...


As you can see from the first picture the action name "Numara Taşıma" is called 2516 times.



But when we try to write another query to the list for this particular action we're getting 1) Duplicate records, 2) The total number is much different.



Do you guys have any guess of what's going on? Or is it some kind of weird bug?



That's very interesting, is it possible that this user action name, is present on two different applications? I wonder if you can get one entity when including a single application defined in your SQL


Could you check if the selection or not of "Compare with previous timeframe" is having any impact on the results?

Another point: if a "group by name" gives two apparent equal names, I would say that probably there are some issues with the special characters present. Maybe one is UTF-8 and the other Unicode, or something like that?


We've checked if the results are coming from multiple applications, which technically shouldn't matter. Because I've purposefully tried to group all of them into one row in the second picture. As you mentioned, the encoding might be causing this problem, but I don't know how to proceed if it is really about that?

We've used the same time frame selector (2 hours) for both occasions.

I've seen that we're using an application name "Opera" in the funnel. I will check this again and return with the results.

Please be careful with the time frame selector in USQL, as live sessions are not considered.

Do the test from a specific period last week and check if that might be the difference?