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SAP Fiori Agentless Monitoring in change control landscape


We have begin to setup agentless monitoring for our Fiori apps.  This is working and sending data to Dynatrace.  However, the issue is the script remains the same on all systems.  Because in our change control system landscape we make the change on the development system and that gets pushed up through our QA and prod environments.  The agentless monitoring is done via Fiori plugin app.  So it is just another Fiori app on our system and must go through the landscape as all other changes do.  Change is only possible on the DEV system.


So as you might expect it is going to lump all of the RUM data together for all those systems in the one Dynatrace application.  Since we cannot change the script as it moves up through the landscape it always uses the same Dynatrace application to report back to.


Has anyone found a way to get around this so that we can monitor each system separately?



I recommend opening a support ticket for this since its such a unique issue.