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Too many user actions associated with user sessions ... we want to understand why?


in a client environment we were analyzing a problem and we noticed that too many user actions are reported associated with user sessions, it is difficult to perform the analysis since it tends to confuse us so many actions carried out by a single user, we want to understand if this behavior is due to bad practice, bad configuration or bug of the agent version or other cause? If someone could help us we would be very grateful.

We first click from the Business Impact Analysis on the impacted users part:

We then click on the very first impacted user:

and then it shows us this bunch of user actions that we cannot believe are part of a single user:

Also, we noticed that from a recognized user it send us to an anonymous user session. and add the message: extended by one session from the same user cookie. perhaps this is the problem? perhaps this authenticated user is getting the same cookie as all anonymous users?

We really need to understand and learn what is this. If someone could help us we would be very grateful.



DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Helllo, could you show us what actions are captured? If it is some health check xhr for example that is common in your site but it is useless for monitoring it can be excluded.

You have so many user sessions because one of criteria to open new visit is recording 200 user actions.


here is the detail:

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

How your application actually works? Is it really such huge amount of pageload? If yes, you can go to Application setttings => Advanced => JavaScript Injection and exclude this page from injecting RUM ja file. In this case this page will no longer be monitored by Dynatrace with leaving support for rest of them.

If this is bug and you don't see any strange behaviour like what you have presented, I recomment opening Support Ticket.


Sorry for delays... we opened a ticket, they ask us to send a fiddler session. as today we are waiting for a response.

about the page loads, we are not the developers we are just the support team. But we also asked for that matters... still waiting to share the response.