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Troubleshooting a System.Web.Mvc.HttpAntiForgeryException error


Hi team,
So I am helping a client using Dynatrace to Investigate an issue with a secure form using the mvc anti-forgery cookie.

Basically when users connect to this public page they are given this anti-forgery cookie and when they submit a form this cookie is being checked as well as other checks (eg CAPTCHA)
Some users, not all are having an issue where sometimes this cookie is not present for some reason.

They have deployed Dynatrace in an attempt to track down this issue.

Dynatrace can see the error, it is a 500 server error thrown as the above exception. We want to be able to see specifically how the user is experiencing this issue. but are having issues seeing the User Session as filtered by PurePaths with the issue.
Currently the users see a generic error page when this occurs but we are changing this to a specific error page so it is easier to track.
Is there any other things we should be trying to track this down?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

being this is old, the issue has been resolved or forgotten, but as a new feature, you could also enable Session replay to watch a play by play of the issue. Are you collecting user names, so if NANCY Reports the issue, you can look up Nancy as the user Session and probe into it.

At the purepath level are you able to jump to the user via IP address?