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User Tag returning incorrect value


I'm having trouble with User Tags in a recently added application within Dynatrace. This application is the EU equivalent of our existing UK application. Both of which use the same cookie named "FullName"

FullName=Application Support&

I want Dynatrace to pick up just the UserName and return that as the User Tag. As this is the same as the UK, I copied the Regex used to cleanup the cookie, which works fine in the UK:


The UK returns '' without issue, but what's being returned in the EU application is 'FullName=Ap'

Can anyone think of a reason why Dynatrace would be doing this?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

In general it should be correct. You can try catch whole cookie and check if there isn't any strange part that may corrupt your results.


Regards, Sebastian

Thanks Sebastian, hadn't thought to check that. It's now returning just Anonymous user sessions, no cookie value at all.

Strange, do you have access to this application from front? If yes maybe you should check cookies in development tools in chrome and see if there is anything suspicious there.


Regards, Sebastian

Yes, this where I confirmed the value of the cookie to build the regex from.

I suggest support ticket than, maybe some debug flags will expose what is wrong here 🙂


Regards, Sebastian

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