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User actions are not capturing with blazemeter


We are running load test using blazemeter and observing backend server side calls showing up in dynatrace but we are not seeing front end user actions during that load test time.Is this is expected behavior that it will not capture pages?




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Are you using a browser as part of your tests? If so, it should capture RUM data. If not, there is no way as it relies on Javascript being loaded into a browser. It looks like blazemeter does offer browser-based testing based on a quick google...

Hi Dave,

Yes we are using browser-based testing and our applications flow goes to 2 different pages,where as we see traffic showing up for one user action & for other user action it was not showing.



Are both page loads? Are they both mapping to the same application?

And if they are not loads, do these actions actually trigger web requests? If not, if they are only mutations (ui changes without a web request) then they aren't captured. To answer this can you provide us with more specifics about these actions please.