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User sessions export - Azure Blob Storage



We are using Dynatrace SaaS for our customers.

I'm testing the user sessions export now from the platform. The aim is to push the data to Azure blob storage. In azure I created the storage account, configured the CORS, configured an end-point, generated the SAS token.

In the Dynatrace integration screen for the user-session I place an URL as follows :

https://<Azure-blob-endpoint>/?<Azure SaS token>

When I hit the test-button using POST I receive the following message :

Code: 405 - Message: The resource doesn't support specified Http Verb.

When I hit the test-button using PUT I receive the following message :

Code: 400 - Message: An HTTP header that's mandatory for this request is not specified.

What am I doing wrong or forget ?

(As you notice I am not an hands-on programmer)

Thanks for all help.




@Franky L. were you able to get this sorted out? If so, what was the solution?



@Chad T. I'm still stuck with it. Other projects needed more attention. I hope to work on it next week.

If you have any helpful documentation concerning this subject, please let me know.


@Franky L.

I am looking for a solution too, I have time to work for it, if you can at least share where I should start (briefly), maybe I can move forward and then share the solution with you.

Thank You


@Mehmet U.

That would be great! What I try to do is to use the session export feature to import the data into a SQL DB on Azure. On that DB, I want to use Power BI to make even more fancy dashboards for our customers. I made a BLOB storage account on Azure and defined an endpoint on it. When I place the endpoint URL in the User session export screen and test it, the error as described in my previous post appears. So the endpoint definition on my Azure is not correct or i place not the correct parameters in the endpoint URL in dynatrace. This is where I'm stuck now.