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WebRequests are not coming as useraction


when i am performing some action in web page i can see these action as Webrequest in Dynatrace. But i am not seeing these webrequests in the useractions list in the output xml. Please help me


<useraction name=" click on xxx" on "yyyy"" url="https://xyz" here xyz should be my URL. where i will use xyz url for my reporting.



Am not able to understand your query correctly, can you give more info like where on dynatrace you dont see webrequest or some screenshot if possible.

Hi Akshay,

when I am performing some actions in application, I see these actions as webrequests as shown below screenshot.


we are hitting one Rest API to get all the user actions done in application in one xml .With that user actions, preparing the report for all individual users.

In the xml i see all the user actions as below

but for the webrequests, I don't see the user action entries in xml. Please let me know if I need to change any configuration for it.

Can you tell me which API query are you hitting to fetch this detail and writing it in xml

Hi Akshay,

I am using Rest API which is configured as below and getting the xml with user actions for last 7 days.