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Will Dynatrace plan on providing streaming capabilities for Key Request / Key User Actions


Hello, I am wondering if Dynatrace plans on providing streaming capabilities for Key Requests / Key User Actions. In the older Dynatrace AppMon, Business Transactions had the capability to export (http stream) JSON to and endpoint. This functionality was EXTREMELY useful. Within Dynatrace OneAgent there is the ability to stream Problem Notifications, but you can't stream Key Requests metrics (responsetime/counts). We are currently using the Metrics API to pull these key request counts and responsetime out of dynatrace at the minute granularity level. Even with the new calculated metrics api, our java polling service code get's rather complicated. Data can take up to 5 minutes to get ingested into Dynatrace since the time of user action. If you poll every 5 minutes and look back the last 5 minutes to grab key request counts you may miss some because of the time it takes to get ingest. So now you need to look back every with a longer timeframe, let's say 10 minutes. There will be overlapping timeseries data at the minute granularity that may have different values between each poll. Now manipulation had to be done to strip out duplicate counts, etc,etc. It gets messy.

Streaming would solve all of this. Please consider it.





I wholeheartedly agree with this and would suggest this to be made into an RFE.

I'd also say this is not only needed for key requests but for all Purepath data or at least service "chart" metrics with 10 second resolution that are currently neither available via timeseries nor metrics API (examples: response time, failure rate, cpu consumption per request, throughput etc.).