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iOS User Action Response time Capturing is 0 ms


I have auto instrumented an iOS app with Cocoa Pods. The app is build on Kony Platform

The App launch and App load response times are captured , but other web requests or purepath are not captured and the user Action response time is 0 ms .


Any one facing similar issues.

I've used the steps mentioned in the instrumentation wizard.

Should i be using any Dynatrace additional keys in the info.plist file ?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Touch actions count the duration of anything captured happening inside of them (e.g. a webrequest or a triggered display event of the next viewcontroller), so if nothing is detected by the agent it is zero.
Kony is a special case and not officially supported as it works different as the native instrumentation the iOS agent is designed for.
FYI @Nicholas M., @Matthias H. maybe you have more hints on Kony.

Sorry, I can't provide any knowledge for Kony.