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we have a requirement to implement Agentless RUM on salesforce lightning applications.Im unsure if DT provides support. any updates would be much helpful

I went through the DT forum and found that the lockerservice in the Salesforce Lightning application doesnt support RUM capabability.However, the updates arent recent. could someone provide me with the latest update on this?



You could always use the Browser Plugin for Agentless RUM of your Chrome users.

Haven't tested it yet for SG Lightning apps, so I can't speak to the data quality you will get. But testing it would be pretty fast/easy.

Hi Patrick, thanks for responding on this, the application isnt chrome exclusive. So until we get support for all types of browser this option wont work.

The only other way is to include the Javascript agent directly in the application.

Sometime this is possible for SaaS applications via Layout/Style modifications.

Hi Patrick, Yes this is an option. But that question is whether Dynatrace is Locker Service complaint. The lightning component of Salesforce pages have a security layer called Locker service which prevents the Dynatrace RUM support.

Srinivas - Did you determine if Dynatrace works in Lightning, assuming end-users (employees) have the RUM extension? we're actively looking to solve this problem.

In our org we managed to run the Chrome extension with the salesforce url for detection. It works... but not all the time. We didn't debug since we still running test in a QA enviroment, it might be with the detected url.

DT curretly wont support RUM on SFDC locker complaint pages.