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Capture the wait time in a browser for a process-heavy JavaScript application


Hi everybody. I've had a browse and can't seem to find an answer around synthetics behaviour, so was hoping someone could help.

When setting up synthetics for a user process in a single page application, is Dynatrace able to capture the wait time a user experiences in their browser for a process-heavy JavaScript application?

For example, if a large amount of data is received from a web service that might take 50 seconds to process for a browser in IE compatibility mode, but only 10 seconds in pure Edge mode. Would Dynatrace reflect this in the synthetic performance profile?

I'm also assuming that Synthetics does not actually process the JavaScript that runs in a single-page application for a given browser in order to give a 100% accurate representation of what the user experiences?

Many thanks in advance,



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

What's the JS doing? Is it changing somethng on the page? If so, can you make the event wait for that change to complete?


Synthetic SME and community advocate.

@Keith can you provide the details needed so we can close the thread?
Thank you. 🙂

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