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Clickpath locations on internal network


As far as I could find, there are only cloud locations available for scheduling recorded clickpath tests in Dynatrace Managed. A number of my customers would like to use a clickpath to monitor an application that is only accessible from the internal network.

I understand that there is a possibility to test such applications with HTTP monitors, but are there plans for clickpath too? Will the customers be able to install a testing location in their intrernal network? If yes, when is the ETA?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

This is already on the roadmap. IIRC for early this year.

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Am i right thinking that ClickPath synthetics already possible from env ActiveGate inside customer net perimeter?

Sorry, notised "already on the roadmap. IIRC for early this year. "

Is under EAP now, I think might need to raise a support case to turn it on.

Thank You Chuan! I have lost the track of it 🙂

Good to know that it is in EAP state.