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Exclude maintenance windows from the synthetic availability - how to set it via API?

Question - in the Web and mobile monitoring ->Synthetic availability there is a setting of Synthetic Availability. By default, the setting 'exclude periods with maintenance windows from availability calculation' is turned off.

How do I turn this setting on - to exclude maintenance windows timeframe from the availability calculation - using the API?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Where is that selector located? I know you can set to opt out of Maintenance windows on your Application Tiles:


Chad, the sitting is available in the in our managed environment at

Settings-> Web and mobile monitoring -> synthetic availability

I have not yet created Synthetic monitor and private locations but we already have Cluster ActiveGates for this purpose ready.

I need to have this setting ticked on so when the target URL is not available during the maintenance window, it is not going to be considered in the availability measurement.

We have hundreds of tenants in our managed clusters so we need to automate setting this flag on.

Thanks for the help in advance.